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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences


WITNESSES‘ first eight-episode album, The Lamb, looks through the perspectives of familiar names
to experience the arrest, trial, and death of Jesus Christ like never before.

It wasn’t more than a handful of hours since Simon Peter pledged his allegiance to his Rabbi. Now, he’s hiding in an alley near the High Priest’s home, coming to the sickening realization that he didn’t just abandon his Rabbi and Friend… he also denied ever knowing Him.


SIMON: Nato Jacobson     JOHN and TEMPLE GUARD: David Sanborn     ANDREW and JAMES: Daniel Cross
 THOMAS and MAN #2: Jonathan Cooke     MAN #1: Andy Harvey     DINAH: Tori K. Hight

Malchus is a trusted servant of the High Priest, sent to the Garden of Gethsemane with Judas and a number of soldiers to keep watch on the disciple of the Man the priests despise. He thought he knew what would happen next.


MALCHUS and TEMPLE GUARD: David Sanborn     CAIAPHAS and ANDREW: Daniel Cross     ANNAS: Glenn Hascall     JUDAS: Shaun Conde
JESUS: Mark Henry Cooney     SIMON: Nato Jacobson     THOMAS: Jonathan Cooke     ROMAN SOLDIER: Jacob Phillips


And you are witnesses of these things.”
Luke 24:48