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I absolutely loved A Shepherd’s Encounter. The minute it begins to play I feel drawn into the very heart of the story, the very heart of Phillip himself. I connect deeply with his sense of reverence, amazement, gratitude, overwhelming awe, and sincere humility as his words describe an event that I’d never really given much serious consideration before. Sure I’d read it and thought “Wow how amazing that must have been to be those shepherds!”, but not until A Shepherd’s Encounter have I taken the time to think MORE about it. How frightening the sudden, unexplainable appearance of the first angel must have been, and the light that must have shone all around him and come from him, not to mention the staggering nature of his announcement! Witnesses has succeeded in taking a part, a crucial part, of a story, the true most important, wonderful story in the world, but a story I’ve heard over and over and over since childhood, and making it come alive in new and beautiful ways. Every bit of this episode was obviously meticulously planned and cared for and prayed over, and I offer all involved; from writing, to acting, to music and background sounds; my double thumbs up, five stars and a standing ovation. Well done!!!! Can’t wait for more episodes too!!! 🙂 – Clara
My mom and I enjoyed “A Shepherds Encounter” so much! We were blown away with the quality of the voice acting, sound, and writing! Listening to the show made me feel like I was there with the shepherds, watching the angel tell the good news of the birth of Jesus and running through town, trying to find the baby. Thank you so much for making such a great show! My prayers are with the show and I hope to see more in the future! – Jenna