(in order of publication)

On a very normal night, Phillip, a lonely shepherd, suddenly found himself surrounded by Heaven’s glory when angels came to announce the birth of Christ—and later came face to face with the Son of God Himself! Experience the awe-inspiring moment when the Heavenly Hosts declared “Glory to God in the highest!” and walk through that unimaginable night with a shepherd whose life was forever changed.

Featuring Adventures in Odyssey co-producer Phil Lollar as the voice of Phillip, re-discover this timeless story of Christ’s awesome, and humble, birth.

Written and produced by Tracy Van Dolder
Original music by Yvonne Teo
Also featuring Micah Touchet

Episode length: 15:26

A Tax Collector’s Invitation tells the story of Matthew, a Jew working as a Tax Collector for the Romans, and how his life was changed when he met Jesus. Relive the story through the eyes of a man who was hated by every one around him, but loved unconditionally by One.

This episode features the vocal talents of well-known voice actor Nathan Carlson and is WITNESSES‘ first half-length episode.

Written and produced by Tracy Van Dolder
Original music by Yvonne Teo

Episode length: 6:17

Jason, an Adviser for Herod Antipas, hadn’t wanted for anything in a long time. As a Royal Official, he always had more than enough until something happened that no amount of money could fix—his son became deathly ill. When he heard about Jesus of Nazareth, the young man whose popularity was based on rumors of miracles and signs, he hurried to him and begged him to heal his child. But Jesus’ answer was not what Jason, or the people listening, expected.

Cast: J.D. Sutter as Jason the Official, Mark Henry Cooney as Jesus and Manservant, Tracy Van Dolder as Servant Girl, and Micah Touchet, Kevin McCreary, and Christopher Green as additional crowd voices.

Written and produced by Tracy Van Dolder
Original music by Micah Touchet
Foley by Christopher Green

Episode length: 25:00