It can be easy, and often tempting, to rush over stories in the Bible, carelessly ignoring the people and details of events because we know what happens. But imagine how the stories felt to experience when the outcome wasn’t clear! What was it like for the shepherds when the angel appeared and they were told to leave their sheep and find the Baby? How did the woman caught in adultery feel when she heard the life changing words “Then neither do I condemn you“? What went through Peter’s mind when Jesus told him that Peter would betray Him that very night?

Step into the familiar time period, strap on your sandals, stretch your legs, and head off in search of eye witnesses to the greatest story ever told!

WITNESSES is an audio drama about the experiences of people who had direct contact with Jesus; intimate stories of real people, told in their own words.


Phil Lollar carries WITNESSES‘ emotional Pilot episode with the talent and professionalism you would expect from a man who has been in the industry for over 30 years. He is a familiar name and voice to children and parents alike who grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey, a successful Christian radio show that has passed its 28th year. Phil is a published author, producer, and voice actor, and now produces a brand new radio drama titled Iliad House.

Nathan Carlson brings the disciple Matthew to life in A Tax Collector’s Invitation, as well as playing minor roles in other episodes. He is best known by fans of Christian radio as Richard Maxwell in Adventures in Odyssey, and also helped produce Jungle Jam and Friends and Little Dogs on the Prairie.

Tracy Van Dolder, creator of WITNESSES, is self-employed as a graphic designer, specializing in book cover designs, under the name Virtually Possible Designs. More than twenty books featuring her designs are available now! She also currently runs a blog entitled Enjoying Jesus and is finishing up a devotional book by the same name. Tracy also dabbles in voice acting and plays Cassandra Wilson in Phil Lollar’s upcoming audio show Iliad House.

Yvonne Teo is a Boston-based composer for new media studying at Berklee College of Music. Using her natural gift for drawing out emotion in stories, she has helped, and will continue to help, bring warmth to WITNESSES’ episodes.

Micah Touchet is a voice actor in North Louisiana with an uncanny ability to create authentic characters for voice over projects. With talent for everything from acting to website and graphic design, to music creation, Micah has been, and continues to be, an invaluable help in WITNESSES‘ creation and production.